The subsequent actual estate transactions are for $ten,000 or more:

Cambria County

Carmine R. Dematteis from Joseph G. Sargo by particular agent, assets in Portage Borough, $21,900.

Lukas M. Hyperlink from Jude J. Hyperlink, assets in Allegheny Township, $29,000.

James G. Bates from James D. Berkebile, assets in Richland Township $212,500.

Michael Reid Wigfield from Paul D. Polites Jr., assets in Clearfield Township, $220,000.

Derrick J. Robust from Margaret Watkins, assets in Elder Township, $one hundred sixty,000.

Violetta K. Smith from Ronald L. Lasko, assets in Northern Cambria Borough, $sixty five,000.

David Michael Hurst from Mary A. Kennan, by agent, assets in Westmont Borough, $109,900.

R&C Rentals LLC from Chanelle Margaret Gruca, assets in Croyle Township, $twenty five,000.

John F. Fama from Margaret Pelo, by attorney-in-reality, assets in East Conemaugh, $20,000.

Patrick J. McNulty from Kevin S. Randall, assets in Cresson Borough, $forty six,000.

Thomas W. Pawcio from Elizabeth Pawcio, assets in Johnstown’s 11th Ward, $32,000.

Heather N. Lubert from Carmen Masci, assets in Patton Borough, $fifty eight,075.seventy three.

Troy E. Smith from Matthew L. Pritt, assets in Conemaugh Township, $88,000.

Persons four Persons Inc. from Secretary of Veterans Affairs, assets in Lorain Borough, $42,000.

Noah J. Burda from Danny R. Richey, assets in Southmont Borough, $one hundred twenty five,500.

Brian J. Grove from Joshua Wilson, assets in Richland Township, $141,000.

Brion Gates from Josephine Yarosh Irrevocable Inc. Have confidence in by trustee, assets in Portage Borough, $eighty five,000.

April Oswalt from Wilmington Financial savings Fund Culture FSB, assets in Northern Cambria Borough, $13,000.

Nicholas M. Hinderliter from Richard O. Kestermont, assets in Adams Township, $167,500.

Benjamin Very long from Justin J. Serre, assets in Richland Township, $135,000.

Parrish R. Varnish from Michael W. Cully, assets in Johnstown’s 11th Ward, $thirty,000.

David J. Pisczek from Timothy C. Mullins, assets in Cresson Township, $36,500.

Dry Hollow Rentals LLC from Brad A. Simmons, assets in Clearfield Township, $forty six,000.

Stuart M. Scott from Hudimac Household Revocable Have confidence in by trustee, assets in Croyle Township, $168,800.

Clara A. Bennett from David Fetchen, assets in White Township, 98,000.

Randy R. Westover from Donna M. Gates, assets in White Township, $twenty five,000.

Paul L. Liszewski from Mary Edith Mardis, by Exrxs, assets in Southmont Borough, $a hundred and fifty,000.

Shaun Chigas from Kenneth G. Yeager, assets in Hastings Borough, $20,000.

Caitlan Weiers from Brady Irrevocable Grantor Have confidence in by trustee, assets in Westmont Borough, $93,000.

Amber L. Wozny from Albert M. Penska, assets in Higher Yoder Township, $100,000.

James C. Alt from Lelia E. Calderwood by Admrx., assets in Ferndale Borough, $fifty seven,one hundred sixty five.

Paul Daniel Polites Jr. from Patrick D. Dwelling, assets in Clearfield Township, $290,000.

Allegheny Feed & Milling LLC from Derek Turgeon, assets in Susquehanna Township, $fifty,000.

Daniel Ronald Beyer from Mary Louise Kimball by Exrs., assets in Ebensburg Borough, $215,000.

Halee A. Karashin from Diane L. Karashin, assets in Center Taylor Township, $fourteen,000.

Craig A. Hritz from Karen A. Farrell, assets in Northern Cambria Borough, $ninety,000.

Cole J. Chinault from Nicholas M. Hinderliter, assets in Richland Township, $one hundred forty,000.

CA Rentals LLC from Charles Eugene Hochstein Sr., by Exrs., assets in Johnstown’s seventh Ward, $11,500.

Linda Sladki from To start with National Financial institution of PA, assets in Lessen Yoder Township, $11,000.

Krissy Lynn Hassen from Joseph J. Penska, assets in Susquehanna Township, $18,000.

Northern Cambria Neighborhood Advancement Corp. from Anna A. Larry by Agent, assets in Johnstown’s twentieth Ward, $20,001.

Mark J. Lansberry from Rose Marie Miller, assets in East Carroll Township, $75,000.

Allison Lorelli from James F. McConnell, assets in Washington Township, $fifty,000.

Bruce M. Sensible from William D. Bowen, by Exrx., assets in Croyle Township, $26,000.

Lucas Coultan from Barbara Ann Brown, assets in Richland Township, $fifty five,000.

Tina L. Panick from Bauwens Dwelling Aid Association VFW Write-up 895 by Have confidence in, assets in Portage Borough, $21,500.

Linda C. Freeburg from Joanne E. Barley Wojno, assets in Adams Township, $108,000.

James M. Chandler from Benjamin James Borlie, assets in Blacklick Township, $228,000.

Frank E. Poole from Richard A. Poole, assets in Lessen Yoder Township, $fifty five,000.

Joel B. Wantiez from Randy L. Lewis, assets in Croyle Township, $349,900.

Shirley Hall from Michael R. Adams, assets in Johns-town’s eighth Ward, $81,000.

Somerset County

Nathan Andrew Homyak from Robert E. Kelly Estate, assets in Conemaugh Township, $seventy seven,000.

Perry Moore from Debra L. Andrews, assets in Jenner Township, $161,000.

Jeffrey Ridilla from Jennifer I. Alwine Estate, assets in Boswell Borough, $20,000.

Lloyd R. Hoover from Samuel C. Yoder, assets in Jenner Township, $220,000.

Beachy Amish Mennonite Church from Wayne A. Yoder, assets in Elk Lick Township, $183,260.

Donald L. Sager from Sue Ellen Colbert Maust Martin, assets in Milford Township, $twelve,000.

Ruth Blair from Telford Otis Walker Estate, assets in Jenner Township, $70,500.

Bryan Glessner Hagerich from Ronald D. Pyle, assets in Shade Township, $sixty five,000.

Rajeev Dayal from Lee N. Rankin, assets in Middlecreek Township, $332,000.

James Habovick from Karen Hartung, assets in Jefferson Township, $98,500.

Christopher Taylor from Troy J. Kaiser, assets in Jefferson Township, $117,900.

Daniel Paugh from Joseph W. Dewitt, assets in Milford Township, $a hundred and eighty,000.

Churchview from Carol Odasso, assets in Indian Lake Borough, $81,375.

Samuel W. King Jr. from John C. Miller, assets in Milford Township, $106,000.

Kelly L. Maddy from Terri Lynn Brant, assets in Stonycreek Township, $a hundred seventy five,000.

Nathan R. Civis from Pauline Y. Oldham, assets in Windber Borough, $seventy three,900.

FB Thomas Drug Keep Inc. from Department of Pennsylvania VFW-United States, assets in Meyersdale Borough, $ten,000.

Seth D. Grimm from Matthew B. Bennett, assets in Meyersdale Borough, $eighty five,000.

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