The next true estate transactions are for $ten,000 or additional:

Cambria County

Michael Kennedy from Marilyn L. White, house in Johns-town’s 19th Ward, $seventy four,900.

Alex Gonzalez from Robert J. Rezk, house in Cambria Township, $591,000.

Silva Raimunda Madalena Do Nascimento from Russell L. Stratton, house in Richland Township, $54,900.

Ralph Hurley Johnson Jr. from Michael A. Hamacek, house in Conemaugh Township, $a hundred and fifty five,000.

Heidi Rochelle Sayne from Matthew I. Grata, house in Jackson Township, $one hundred forty,000.

Anthony L. Hinton from Bradley Barefoor, house in Higher Yoder Township, $187,five hundred.

Derrick Ensley from Walter J. Asonevich, house in Richland Township, $259,000.

Xin Dong Wang from Brandon Scott Curtis, house in Westmont Borough, $one hundred ten,000.

Matthew T. Harrison from Danielle Zierer, house in Richland Township, $154,900.

Kyle G. Karstens from Harry A. Dishong, house in Southmont Borough, $eighty,000.

Tony A. Sherry from B&B Investment decision Realty LLC, house in Chest Township, $thirteen,five hundred.

Melissa Smith from George H. Gress, house in Higher Yoder Township, $157,900.

Colleen M. Erndi from William S. McMullen, by Clerk Orphans Courtroom, house in Cresson Township, $97,760.

Ward Troy Kelley Jr. from George W. Trusty Jr., house in Richland Township, $335,000.

Rachel M. Kovalchick from Michael E. Wian, house in Richland Township, $229,900.

Bradley Ray Gaston from Doris Mae Stossel, house in Northern Cambria Borough, $137,000.

John J. Benigno from Julia A. Orosz, house in Johnstown’s 20th Ward, $39,900.

Jacqueline R. Staller from Joan Kusher, house in East Taylor Township, $86,000.

Monte Shane Shirt from Cristine M. Johnson, house in Richland Township, $85,000.

Michael Lee Kenney from Men and women 4 Men and women Inc., house in Lorain Borough, $a hundred forty five,000.

Troy R. Hamula from Ethan W. Forry, house in Jackson Township, $a hundred and fifty,000.

Helen Moss from Stella Trzeciak, by lawyer-in-reality, house in Scalp Level Borough, $fifteen,000.

Mark Risko from Gloria E. Rosner, house in Vintondale Borough, $30,000.

Jason R. Martin from Keith Allen Mock, house in South Fork Borough, $54,000.

Michael S. Benza from Eugene J. Gargon, house in Adams Township, $a hundred and fifty,000.

Nape Homes LLC from Wayne R. Nazarak, house in Nanty Glo Borough, $138,000.

Dawn Frischkorn from James V. Bertocchi, house in Gallitzin Borough, $75,000.

Kayla Slight from Edith Marie Ruffing, house in Portage Borough, $sixty two,000.

Stephanie B. Seymore from Donna J. Bianconi, house in Gallitzin Borough, $70,000.

Joseph Olish from Lloyd J. Brigman, house in Northern Cambria Borough, $fifteen,000.

Guido Fabbri from Alexander Roberts, house in Lilly Borough, $seventy eight,000.

Appalachian Laurel Ridge LLC from Mihalick Family

Partnership LP, house in Geistown Borough, $1,800,000.

Russell E. Mullen from Martin J. Sherry, house in Cambria Township, $70,000.

Ginger Louise Mickey from Helen L. Picklo, by lawyer-in-reality, house in Richland Township, $141,900.

Daijah Terry from Stephanie A. Shaver, house in Richland Township, $165,000.

Ronald Gary Brown from William L. Kuhn, house in Dean Township, $a hundred and sixty,000.

Christine L. Clark from Darlene J. Walker, house in Richland Township, $12,000.

Autumn L. Custer from Kathleen M. Hooder, house in Lilly Borough, $85,000.

Elijah S. Fritz from Garrett Hageman, house in Nanty Glo Borough, $37,000.

William Vivian from William T. Smith, house in Johns-town’s 17th Ward, $seventeen,000.

Somerset County

Jennifer R. Mathis from Edward H. Patosky, house in Conemaugh Township, $76,595.

Derick C. Mostoller from Casey Dustin Gardner, house in Jenner Township, $303,five hundred.

Charles H. Branton from Larry R. Cogan, house in Somerset Township, $215,000.

Nathan Hover from Tammac Holdings Corp., house in Stoystown Borough, $37,900.

Richard L. Rummel Jr. from Adam A. Mock, house in Windber Borough, $14,000.

Lisa Gowarty from Jamie M. Thomas, house in  Conemaugh Township, $forty three,000.

John S. Hostetler from Cindy A. Thomas, house in Conemaugh Township, $23,five hundred.

Bo W. Presto from Timothy R. Pearce, house in Windber Borough, $132,000.

Shawn D. Kaiser from David A. Kaiser, house in Paint Borough, $ninety five,000.

Courtney A. May perhaps from Joseph J. Visinsky Estate, house in Central Town Borough, $forty,000.

Phillip M. Stutzman from Thomas E. Gohn, house in Somerset Township, $sixty,000.

Frank Douglas Smouse from Bonnie Jean Smouse Estate, house in Elk Lick Township, $53,250.

Jan Levinson from Patricia R. Rooney Estate, house in Middlecreek Township, $460,000.

Joshua D. Yoder Revocable Living Have faith in from Daniel J. Yoder Revocable Living Have faith in, house in Stonycreek Township, $85,000.

George Stevenson from Michael W. Dively, house in Stonycreek Township, $275,000.

Darryl L. Maust from Tommy R. Croner, house in Berlin Borough, $32,925.

Brady R. Thacker from Steven M. Christ, house in Windber Borough, $fifteen,000.

Cody A. Saumier from Patrick J. Ludden, house in Elk Lick Township, $96,000.

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