The pursuing serious estate transfers were being recorded not long ago in the Hancock County Recorder’s Business:

Nov. 19

Tobler Family members Attributes LLC to Michaela Torongeau, 431 Lullaby Blvd., Greenfield, $165,000.

Joseph Patrick Mabee to Daniel and Shanna Gradl, 2303 W. 100 S., Sugar Creek Township, $600,000.

James and Patricia Vogel to James Vogel Jr., 2141 W. Liberty Lane, Greenfield, $155,000.

Elite Land Development to Ryan Properties, 7199 W. Stone Move, Sugar Creek Township, $64,000.

Patricia Lemus and Luis Castro to True North Borrower Indiana, 5760 N. Stansbury Blvd. Buck Creek Township, $245,000.

Elite Land Enhancement to Ryan Houses, 7270 W. Stone Move, Sugar Creek Township, $64,000.

Pulte Households of Indiana to Rodney Pitcher and Laura Kannaian, 6727 Oakcrest Travel, McCordsville, $439,885.

Nov. 22

Bronson Gradowski to Shane Stewart and Paige Browning, 117 Grant St., Greenfield, $430,000.

Norman Schindler to Steven and Francine Pruett, 257 Rocky Highway, Greenfield, $245,000.

Silverthorne Properties to Dirk and Laura Weibezahn, 6532 W. Could Apple Generate, McCordsville, $594,774.

Silverthorne Homes to Hermenes Luis Quispe, 7504 Variety St., McCordsville, $312,275.

Clayton Attributes Group to Timothy Scott Duffin, 581 Bobtail Travel, Greenfield, $247,870.

Frank Smith to Beau and Amber Brown, 8673 N. Crestview Path, McCordsville, $238,750.

Clayton Qualities Group to Michael Montalvo and Diana Rivera, 6080 N. Cedarwood Drive, McCordsville, $365,995.

Kipp and Johanna Jones to Kiran Bala, 6886 W. Cedarwood Travel, McCordsville, $366,886.

Joyner Homes to Michael and Andrea Porter, 2103 W. Bedrock Lane, Buck Creek Township, $521,900.

Terry and Zonia Craig to Sory Ibrahim Diarra and Kelsey Given, 394 Paymaster Generate, Greenfield, $235,000.

Philip Todd and Susan Webster to Jeremy Robert Keller, 6349 W. Buckskin Court docket, Sugar Creek Township, $250,000.

Cory and Jordan Rieskamp to Nicholas James Ganyard Maloy, 126 Meridian St., Shirley, $167,000.

Jon Hardin to Michelle Pilch, 216 E. Osage St., Greenfield, $125,000.

Earl and Rebecca Turner to The Williams Revocable Belief Agreement, 4423 W. Quick St., Sugar Creek Township, $320,000.

Mary Legere to Steven Chakiry, 880 S. 600W., Sugar Creek Township, $290,000.

Margaret and Randall Harness to Hank &Enterprise LLC, 226 W. Primary St., Greenfield, $110,000.

Edward Mutschler to SFR Investments V Borrower 1 LLC, 1089 W. Jade Travel, Fortville, $285,000.

By Lela