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Solar panels need maintenance too that’s why solar panel maintenance & repair services are offered by solar providers so your solar panels can be taken care of properly. As an owner, you should at least know the basic solar repair maintenance so you know how to keep your solar panel system in good condition. So How do you maintain solar panels? 

How Often Do Solar Power Systems Need Maintenance?

The maintenance for solar panels should be regularly done every year however if the need arises then maintenance should be done immediately. Maintenance includes the following:


Simply cleaning your solar panel is important. Most solar panels are mounted to the roof where they are exposed to many elements such as dust, dried leaves, and other elements that can cause to cover the solar panels. When this happens you have to remove any obstruction from the solar panels since it can affect the efficiency of your solar panels. Sweeping the elements can be a simple solution however if you are unsure calling your solar provider can be the best way to have it cleaned. 

Checking on the Wirings

The solar panels are connected by wires to the rest of its structures. Checking on their conditions can be important so you can determine if they need repair or if the wires are still intact. If your solar energy has fluctuations then that can be an indication that there is an issue with your solar panel system. Part of the annual inspection conducted by your soar provider is checking on the wirings. 

How Much Does Solar Power Maintenance Cost? 

Cost depends on what’s needed to be done during the maintenance. Solar visits usually cost $250 to$750 plus if there are repairs and parts needed to be changed then the additional cost is added. Several factors affect the maintenance cost such as type of inverter, solar manufacturer, maintenance contact, hose height, property location, and surrounding environment. For the annual inspection, it usually costs around $150 to $300, during the inspection they can check on the overall condition of the solar panels so they can determine what needs to be fixed or simple cleaning is all that’s needed. 

Most Common Solar Panel Maintenance Issues 

Inverter Issues 

Microinverters and string inverters are the most commonly used at home solar panel installation. Monitoring your solar production can be a good way to detect issues in the inverters. If your solar productions suddenly decrease then have your solar inverters checked by your solar providers. 

Damage on the Wirings

Wires connect the panels, overtime due to the wind and other elements they can become loose or break. This doesn’t happen often however if it does happen it can affect the productivity of your solar energy. For these issues, the experts are the only ones that are recommended to check the wiring on your solar panel since they have the needed skills and proper tools to do it. 

Circuit Breakers can Trip 

The circuit breakers on our solar angels are exposed to wind, rain, and other elements. Circuit breaker issues can indicate a problem with the solar panel conductors which are installed using clips to secure them on the solar frames. Damage conductors can result in circuit breaker trips. Have them checked by your solar providers as well. 

Replacement of Solar Panels

Solar panels that are heavily damaged require replacements. Replacement can cost you much, that’s why taking care of them is important. Large debris such as tree branches can leave big damage on solar panels. Make sure that they are clear from trees to avoid these issues. 

Solar panel maintenance & repair services are relevant when it comes to conditioning your solar panels to their functional state. Solar panels are pricey and they are a form of investment, therefore it will be wise to keep them in shape by having them regularly check and address issues immediately. Maintaining your solar panel is a need and your responsibility as the owner, solar providers will always be there to give the assistance you need. All you need to do is call them and let them know the issues of your solar panel system so they can fix the issues immediately and you can continue to enjoy your solar energy.

By Lela