The Lisa Fayle Real Estate Team is comprised of seasoned professionals who are dedicated to serving their clients’ needs. With years of experience in public relations, Lisa Fayle and her team are committed to exceeding client expectations. Lisa understands the ever-changing real estate industry and stays abreast of new trends. She and her team strive to offer excellent customer service and ensure that clients are satisfied with the services they receive.

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agency

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a real estate agency. Experience, knowledge, and connections are essential factors. A reliable real estate agent will have an extensive network. Relationships are vital, too, because they will help you with the negotiation process. The best real estate agents in Whitby will use technology to its full advantage. Since most buyers start their real estate search on the Internet.

Lisa Fayle

If you’re looking for a real estate team with a great team of professional Whitby real estate agents, then look no further. The Lisa Fayle Real Estate Team has the experience and dedication to provide excellent service. They have a background in public relations and have extensive knowledge of the real estate industry. They work hard to represent their clients’ best interests. If you’re looking for an experienced team to help you sell your home at a higher price, then Lisa Fayle is the real estate team for you.


Experience matters when choosing a real estate agency. While new agents may have plenty of energy, they might lack the expertise and experience needed to succeed in the competitive real estate industry. Experienced agents have a proven track record with previous clients, a trusted professional network, and an established reputation for delivering exceptional service. Listed below are some tips for choosing a real estate agency with experience.

Lisa Fayle has been in the real estate business for 13 years. She has extensive knowledge of the Durham Region and is committed to providing exceptional service. She is passionate about the Durham Region and will work hard to protect your most valuable asset. She lives in Whitby with her husband, Jason, and three children.

Ask for referrals

You can also talk to people in your network. Ask for recommendations, and ensure the agent you choose is experienced with various clients. Make sure the top Whitby realtors you choose have worked with similar clients, as a first-time buyer has several needs than a repeat buyer or downsizer. Before choosing a real estate agency, remember that a buyer’s agent represents the buyer, while a seller’s agent represents the seller. In addition to negotiating the terms of the sale, buyer’s agents must be familiar with current trends and market conditions. A real estate agent must be adept at navigating both parties’ interests.


There are several ways to determine whether a relationship exists between a real estate agency and a buyer or seller. First, you should ask whether the two parties are of legal age and sound mind. If they are, a relationship exists. In general, an agency relationship is defined as one where the seller or buyer has a fiduciary duty to represent their interests. Likewise, a relationship exists when a buyer or seller enters into a written agreement with the agent.

Another way to identify an agency relationship is by comparing the duties of the agent and the buyer or seller. A special agent may be hired to perform a specific task for the client, but their authority is limited. For example, if the agent lists a house for a seller, it ends the agency relationship. A general agent, on the other hand, can perform all acts associated with the business. A property manager has a continuous relationship with the principal and completes actions related to property management.


One of the most valuable resources for a real estate agent is their circle of influence. This circle is made up of friends, family, colleagues, and community business peers.

The best sales representative

Currently ranked in the top one percent of sales associates for units sold in 2015, Lisa Fayle is now joining the Re/Max Rouge River Realty team. She is recognized as the No. 1 sales rep in the Durham Region for both 2014 and 2015, and the No. 1 sales rep in Whitby, Ont., for the same period. Lisa Fayle is a Platinum Club member for her outstanding service and results.

Hall of Fame

The Lisa Fayle Real Estate Team is proud to be recognized in the Hall of Fame. The team’s success is built on the personal service and commitment of Lisa Fayle. She is an award-winning Realtor with years of experience. She jumped into real estate with enthusiasm and has continued to earn her way up the leader boards. She was recently named one of the top 20 teams in the Toronto Real Estate Board. She has received numerous awards for her performance, including top producer within her brokerage.

Before working with The Lisa Fayle Team as your Whitby real estate agent, you should know a few things about Lisa. She is a Whitby resident with her husband Jason and three kids. She is also a mother of three. Despite her busy schedule, she makes it a priority to get to know all of her clients, so she is an excellent resource for your real estate needs.

By Lela