In renovating the house in addition to the design and construction phase of the building of the finishing process actually is the most important stage. Finishing stage is important because it is a procedure for checking on procedures to renovate the house. Lacking the finishing stage into focus in renovating the house because it is the last stage in renovating the house and homeowners usually do not understand the things that need to be noticed in the finishing stage in renovating the house. Finishing stage is very important because it will determine the outcome of comfort and home renovations are done. Below I will try to share things that are important to note in the finishing stages of renovating the house. For loans tips, you can see at

Personality and your lifestyle will indirectly stated in the design style of your home. Whether it’s a classic style, the Mediterranean, tropical, minimalist, perhaps even deconstruction. Good for you for more see the architectural magazines as the inspiration for the style you want. If you’ve found a style that fits, consult with the architect, because with the help of an architect, you will be more easy to realize what style you want. Or if you are still confused what style fits you, very competent architect to help you.

Architects will help to get a home style that fits with your personality. An architect will be able to capture the needs of your space based on lifestyle, habits and personality, then pour in the image of the house, which is a spatial pattern, floor plans, elevations, circulation (better circulation of people or light and air), form style, and material used. Architects will provide some initial picture to you, with explanations (presentation) concept and its application in the image.

Here are four stages in the finishing process of home renovation.

– Wall / wall
Make sure that all parts of the wall, top or side, already plastered. It would be better if given the anti-leak protector. It is necessary to reduce the possibility of water intrusion from the outside, usually during heavy rain and wind. Moreover, with plaster, the walls will also be more durable.

– Roof / tile
Make sure that all parts of the house, roof or gutter is made with a neat and coated with a protective anti-leak. Usually the top of the house is a little escape our attention, because we need to check berepot bother fun to climb onto the roof. Because not everyone has the courage to climb the stairs to the roof of the house. In addition, the position of the tile must be checked and ensured nothing was tenuous. Because if there is a gap, it may be able to enter and rain water flows into.

– Installation of cover / door / window
Make sure all doors and window hinges fitted perfectly, including all mounting screws. Because if not perfect, there is a possibility that a door or window can be shifted.

– The size of the cover / door / window
for doors and windows made of wood, make sure there is a distance between the sill and the floor. Because of the rainy season, usually the timber will inflate. Although using good quality wood and is already in the oven, there is still a development of the timber, although not so much

By Lela