While thinking of purchasing a home in India, it is absolutely essential to choose the right location, keeping in mind that it should include important facilities such as hospitals, grocery stores, adequate water, steady electricity supply, a good transport system, and well-maintained roads. Having malls, multi-branded apparel stores, and theatres in close proximity to your house could be an added advantage, serving as perfect getaways for you and your family during weekends.

Young professionals and families constitute those who are moving to the metros in search of a better lifestyle. Although there are a lot of advantages of staying in a metro, the downside is that you would have to accustom yourself to menaces such as traffic snarls and environmental pollution.

If you are one of those who desire to experience the comforts of living in a metro, yet want to escape its downsides, you should consider other alternatives. Let’s take a look at three such alternatives to metros.

Manesar, Haryana

Once a sleepy village in Gurgaon, Manesar is now bustling with residential and commercial development, making it one of the most sought-after destinations in India. The famous IMT Manesar Industrial Area and National Brain Research Centre are housed here. A large number of professionals are moving to this township because of the presence of IT companies in this area. All in all, good connectivity, excellent social and commercial establishments, and affordable housing options make Manesar an ideal destination to reside in.

Neemrana, Rajasthan

Neemrana is an industrial hub, seated in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. It is divided into several sub-cities, namely, Medicity, SEZ City, Cyber City, Bio-Diversity Park, Entertainment City, Knowledge City, World Trade City, and Dry Port City, each of which have unique selling-points. A part of Neemrana’s population is Japanese because of the Japanese Industrialized Zone. The city’s booming real estate market can be attributed to the large number of companies flourishing here, attracting job seekers from all parts of India. Moreover, the city’s self-sufficiency in terms of social establishments and public transport facilities add to its appeal, making it a favorable location in India.

Ranjanpada, Navi Mumbai

An upcoming area in Navi Mumbai, Ranjanpada is an amalgamation of residential and commercial establishments. One of the major factors that sets it apart from the rest of the regions in Navi Mumbai is its cheap property prices, which has driven many young professionals and middle-class families to settle down here. With the ongoing improvements to its connectivity to nearby cities, Ranjanpada is definitely a city to watch out for in the years to come.

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