Located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Mataram, Senggigi area can be regarded as the center of tourism on the island of Lombok. Senggigi is located in west Lombok, has a view of the beautiful beach with sand that is similar to the situation in Bali’s Kuta beach, coral reefs are still healthy and beautiful from which to enjoy snorkeling and sunset scenery is very beautiful.

One of the most sought after tourist attractions along the Senggigi beach is a charming view of the sunset, the golden orange color sunset on the horizon with views of Mount Agung Bali looks like a great pyramid floating in the ocean, providing a unique experience for tourists on the island of Lombok.

Almost parallel to the line of Senggigi beach that stretches more than 10 kilometers is a highway where you can find a variety of tourist facilities are very complete, such as hotels and resorts of various classes, restaurant, cafe and bar until the service company travel / travel were offered facility tour packages, rental cars and motorcycles as well as travel packages snorkeling and diving. From this it can be concluded that the Senggigi is a precise enough to be used as a base point for you to explore the beautiful island of Lombok.
Although there has been a lot of hotels, resorts and luxury restaurant along the road Senggigi, this place is still very quiet compared to the bustle of tourists in Bali, so a lot of tourists who are welcome to stay in Senggigi linger precisely because the atmosphere. Of Senggigi, quite a lot of interesting objects that you can visit, by renting a two-wheeler, for example, you can visit exotic places along the coast such as Pura Senggigi, white sand beaches and more.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, another attraction that is located in this place is an attraction called “Batu Bolong”. Located about 2 km from Senggigi beach or around half an hour on foot, in this place there is a temple built on a rock that is located on the waterfront. According to local legend of yore often held sacrifice a virgin to are fed to the sharks in this place. Another legend says first of many women who flung himself from this place into the sea because of a broken heart. From this place also seen Mount Agung on the island of bales from a distance.
About 2 km to the north of Senggigi there is a place called the Village Kerandangan, in this place there is a Nature Park in which among other things means trekking there is a path along the bank of the river. During the journey down this path you will find a small waterfall, many animals apes and tourist facilities such as parks and seating to relax. Kerandangan around the village there are several boutique hotels, among others Puri Mas Spa Resort and Villa Campi Sorga.

A little more to the north of the village of Kerandangan there another place named Mangsit, this place is famous for luxury resort as an alternative to staying in the center of Senggigi, of which is Qunci Villa and Holiday Resort Lombok.

By Lela