These are the slides from my displays to two January luncheon meetings of the Anchorage Board of Realtors. The information is yr-end from Alaska MLS Inc.

You can be so COMPLETELY SATISFIED on the date of your 2nd. retirement! It is well-earned, that is for certain. You appear the sort who could have a full schedule of fantastic, productive actions going on always. It’s the only option to go!!………..Thanks, Paul! I always thought I might need one however after reading your story I could would assume twice. Thanks for all the info and hope all the problems are solved by now if you’re still there.

The only articles that are scheduled and are available off at the similar time each week are the Mailbag articles. All others wait till the muse speaks to me. Fortunately, so far, she has kept the lines of communication open. I do acknowledge the significance of both of these reasons. However the fact stays that these folks suffer every time a storm destroys their house and livelihood. Thanks for reply and i will take a look at the contrail science web site.I additionally read all you write,very fascinating.

You want every bit of support you can get now, from your loved ones, associates, your lawyer, neighbors, public opinion, your employer, your banker, minister, and/or physician. You were in all probability dependent in your spouse for much of the emotional assist you’re going to need right now. Wonderful recommendations. I was compelled to retired three years early on account of family illness. It was a bit of a challenge at first however now all has settled in and it’s clean sailing. very useful info, I did not notice that some states do not tax social security. I stay in CT which we affectionately call connecti-tax.

A captivating article. Increasingly more folks, I believe, are considering this type of way of life. In fact it isn’t always attainable, relying on location and whatnot, but it surely actually does appeal to me personally. Too much chiken sex is dangerous -lol- that line cracked me up a bit. 🙂 Congrats on Lens of the Day, you may have a fantastic story to inform and a few darn cute kiddos!

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