A complete guide to Mid-century modern furniture – how to source the best  pieces to nail the trend | Livingetc

Finding the best type of furniture for your house is significant because it makes your home look elegant and presentable. You can look for furniture that fits the colour of your curtains, wall and carpets, or you can decide to get furniture that compliments the colour around your home, for example, if you have white walls you can get black, grey or brown furniture. 

The best type of furniture to purchase is Danish furniture because they are elegant and unique, and not many people have this type of furniture in their houses. Whether you want vintage seats or modern seats, they will provide you with the perfect couch for you. The moment you decide to purchase danish furniture, you should know the name of the design you want, the designers and the material you wish to. We are going to learn more about these factors down below;

  1.  Fabrics 

The manufacturers searched for the best long-lasting wood to make their tables, chairs, desks and draws. They decided to use oak and beech, and people who liked to use this wood were Wegner, Mogensen, Koch and Panton. They also used teak wood. Though as the business continued growing and the company started making lamps, they used frosted glass. 

If the furniture you are purchasing is not credible, it will have exposed nails, and you will see glue patches at the sides of the chair or desk. To determine a solid wood piece, it lacks the presence of laminate under the veneer and also, good quality wood is a bit heavy compared to low-quality timber. 

  1. Layout And Silhouette 

Danish manufacturers put a lot of attention on layout and silhouette to make something very unique. They make neat, authentic cord layouts that are very satisfying.  An example of such a chair is one Camelback sofa that Carl Melmstem created. His chair had fantastic waxed linen and beech legs. 

Nylon was also used by other designers Verner Panton who incorporated the 90s theme. As for the silhouette, it operated the gamut from old, neatly distinguished seats and cupboards that had original threads to couches and tables with various shapes and arcs. 

  1. Creation And Danish Current 

Unique layouts and manufacturing strategies combined with old craftsmanship to establish several unique designs. Danish furniture is known for its abnormal silhouette that is usually illuminated with frivolous names. Examples of these chairs that had fanciful names include the propeller stool and Jacobsen’s Egg seat. 

One of the most excellent pieces of old danish furniture made by Jacob was an Ant seat that had three legs where one piece had plywood back and tail, and it is also a modest layout that can be used in multiple settings. Creations are the things you need to look at mostly when you want unique seats. 


Danish furniture is a great place to purchase furniture because they are long-lasting and marvellous, and when placed in your house, they make your home look chic. You will never regret buying from them. 

By Lela