The biggest concern of most parents when choosing a book is the moral values it teaches their children. It is because a book with clear moral values conveys unambiguous transformation and absorption towards children’s development. In fact, moral development deals with the gradual and progressive growth of a child’s understanding on grasping the wrong and right principles that are associated to values, social attitudes, and behaviors, which is pertinent to their developmental stages. In connection with this, there are numerous and easy-to-reach books embedded with moral stories to choose nowadays. Actually, moral stories build children’s imaginations and create big pictures in their minds for a strong foundation of their moral development.

What is more important is allowing children to experience reading books that promote values. In effect, they can capture and live these values in real life because they are inspired by literature written specifically for them. When they know the morals in life, they will be guided on what kind of life they want to follow or how they want to live their lives. In short, children’s books that promote moral development are like their guiding star. It inspires them to be like the protagonist and learn a lesson from the antagonist in the story.

Moreover, a list of morals for kids is pivotal for parents, for the reason that they have the right book for their children, specifically beneficial for their moral developmental stages. Various books present different morals for kids to learn and become lifelong learners. Parents can easily create their own list of morals and ones they wish to further pursue for their children. That is why it is best to read the background of the story so that parents get to choose a credible book for their beloved children.

Children live in a vast expanding world with different horizons to explore and discover. Because of this, they must know how to filter what is good, righteous, just, and ethical from bad and evil actions. Thus, they must know their moral obligations as they grow up and become adults. They have to be aware of the idea or concept that we cannot control the ever-changing world, but these children can start making moral changes that will transform the world for the good with people living in morality. Books that promote moral development is a great communication tool in teaching moral values such as empathy, love and respect, likewise it strengthens morality about how we view life and people.

By Lela

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