If your shift is delayed, assess the characteristics of your present house so you know just what you want in your next one.

Now that a lot of of us have invested various weeks residing within, we have grow to be quite familiar with our households — in some scenarios, maybe as well familiar. If you were being arranging to shift before COVID-19, and even now plan to do so when the timing is suitable, you could want to choose this time to replicate on what’s operating and what’s not in your present house. For occasion, all those stairs you’ve climbed ten instances a working day might have held you transferring though you’ve stayed house, but maybe you’d like stair-cost-free residing in your next house. Or probably the lawn you assumed you could do with out has now grow to be a ought to-have.

We have arrive up with a listing of questions to support you pinpoint what you like and do not like about your present house so you can obtain a lot more comfort and ease and pleasure in your next one.

What is operating for you — and what’s not?

  • On a scale of 1-ten, how do you like your present house?
  • What is your home’s very best good quality? 
  • And its worst good quality?
  • Do you like the design of your house? If not, is there an architectural design or era you prefer?
  • What is your favourite space, and what will make shelling out time there pleasurable?

House and movement: How do you feel when you’re at house?

  • Do you have sufficient area or as well substantially? Where could you use a lot more/fewer area?
  • How would you explain the layout — an open ground plan or a lot more compartmentalized? Does it accommodate your lifestyle?
  • Do you have sufficient or as well a lot of bedrooms? Bathrooms?
  • Do you like the quantity of ranges (single or multistory)? 
  • Are you content with the home windows (sufficient natural mild, nicely-placed, as well sunny)? 
  • Do you like the fixtures and finishes?
  • Is there a specialized space you’ve hardly ever had but have normally preferred (these as a house office, work out space, sewing space, laundry space or mudroom)? 

What is outdoors — and how does it have an impact on your expertise of house?

  • If you have an outdoor area, do you get pleasure from shelling out time there?
  • If you do not have one, do you feel like you’re missing out?  
  • Do you get pleasure from taking care of a yard… or feel burdened by it (be truthful!)? 
  • Does your house have control enchantment? If not, what demands to be enhanced?
  • Do you have sufficient parking? Is a garage or carport a ought to-have?
  • How substantially time and work does the exterior require for upkeep (portray, staining, and many others.)?

Your community: Community connections can make life all the sweeter

  • Are you content with your community? Consider about all its traits, together with walkability, parks, close by functions, density, noise level and neighbor involvement.
  • Do you have to journey far for basics these as groceries or a doctor’s appointment?
  • Are you content with your commute?
  • Are there sufficient functions likely on all over you — or as well a lot of?

By Lela